blue sheets
Life is a sexually transmitted disease.


I’ve started again… 2 years to graduate. blah.

Let’s question myself— Why are you taking a WIP class on your first semester back?

I truly suck at writing :[

Let the traveling begin!

Free at last!
God is always watching us. He keeps us afloat and for that I am greatful.
I have no worries because I know it will all be ok.

Mexico was as good as it was going to be. Going there was not much of a fear— but getting my moms car back into the states was what I really was worried about.

Now there’s no stoping us.
California is the goal.
(Even though it’s going under) I will please my love because that’s his dream.



neglecting this for a while

Elli will be 2 years old this month.

thinking of another babe for next year if it all goes well.

my 21 month old babe

my 21 month old babe


I wish this process was over! I feel my ulcer getting bigger over this.

The future is not guaranteed but just thinking about it makes me cringe!

She is what is good. She is the light. She is the key to my heart. She is the reason. 

She is.

She is what is good. She is the light. She is the key to my heart. She is the reason.

She is.

So last weekend we went camping for a couple of days. Elli liked it. I think it’s because she was getting our attention more than usual. The only thing that she didn’t like was the kids waterpark at the campground. Too much water splashing. And there really isn’t much you can do with a toddler in the dells so we spent most of the time walking around and enjoying ourselves.

Robbi is going back to school so hectic times are ahead. 3 years of my life! Hope it flys.

I miss my mommy. :( hopefully she’ll come home soon.


This new update on tumblr.

So my daughter is almost 14 months aka she’s one. And have fully stopped nursing her. YAY me!! She’s been off breast for a week now and she’s doing ok. There are days like today where she pulls down on my shirt and cries but others were she goes and searches for a bottles. We chose to give her soy milk. She loves it more than cows milk. I only gave her cows milk once as she spit it out every time I tried giving it to her. We opt out of cows milk a long time ago but I wanted to see if she’d take it. Gladly she didn’t.
Now all I’m waiting is for my Boobies to dry up. Hehehe. Tmi? They will never be the same :( after my next kid I will get my boobies done if they aren’t pretty. Haha


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